Nov 8 2020

WordPress media upload error – Unable to create directory uploads

If you get this error when trying to upload media it is likely folder permission are not set to 755 or for me it was the wrong path was in WordPress after a recent upgrade. The permissions will require you to log into Cpanel or whatever you use to mange your hosting, then change permissions and ensure it applies to sub folders too.

The answer for me was before version 3.5 was to login to WordPress as admin, in the left side go to SETTINGS then MEDIA. There is an area that states “store uploads in this folder.” I had to change this to wp-content/uploads instead of the long path name that was present.

They have removed it from the admin area for some reason. Now you will need to either use a plugin or make changes to wp-config.php file. Otherwise they will likely be stored in this structure by default: /wp-content/uploads/year/month

Mar 20 2019

WordPress Site Address Reset

If you have changed your site address in the settings and possibly crashed your site, you can fix this in cPanel. It may be that you had a typo or perhaps an SSL that is not set up correctly. If you added “s” to the address like below, the site will crash if it is not set up correctly for SSL.

Site changed from http to https

To recover your site by fixing the above changes, log into your cPanel for the site. Once there, open “phpMyAdmin.” Open the database for your site. If there is more than one database you may have to go into each one until you find the one associated with the site you made changes to. Open the “wp_options” inside of that. You should see the “siteurl” and can change it back by choosing to edit it. Save and it should be back online.

Mar 15 2019

Capella University Lawsuit

Capella is not the only one doing this, but they are the latest to get slapped with a lawsuit from students standing up to this bait-and-switch style degree fee. It is alleged that Capella University lied about time and the cost of advanced degrees. Basically they tell you it will be 3 years for your doctorate or PhD. Even if they tell students it will be approximately 3 years, most will get well over that estimate. Each extra term costs the student somewhere between $4200 and $5000 depending on the discount given.

The doctorate degree will require a dissertation and that is the grey area used to keep extending the students time. The student will write chapters 1 through 3 and get a final approval from their mentor and 2 other instructors just to have it shot down over and over again in the Scientific Merit Review (SMR). One would think that after several iterations and approval by 3 Capella staff who have terminal degrees, the paper would make it swiftly through SMR. This is usually not the case. Then the Instrument Review Board (IRB) can be very painful according to some students. Capella uses an antiquated system for IRB review and will often send the paper back for very minor issues (box not checked or typo). These items could quickly be fixed by just calling the student, but the school makes more money if it is kicked back. Once kicked back, it could take another week or more of the students time. This can happen more than once.

Here is the write up from another site:

The Capella University Lawsuits

Capella University has been hit by numerous lawsuits in recent years, which opens the school up to claims from people attempting to discharge their loans via the Borrower’s Defense to Repayment Program.

The lawsuits make Capella uniquely eligible for BDAR Discharges because they include accusations that the school violated Federal laws and committed fraud against potential students, which is exactly what the Federal Government is required to receive a Borrower’s Defense Discharge.

None of the lawsuits are good news for Capella, but the worst is probably the one brought against them by a police pension fund that claimed Capella used “abusive and fraudulent recruiting and financial aid lending practices” in order to increase both their revenue and the price of their stock.

However, the police union isn’t the only group going after the school in court, as other former students have claimed that Capella strung them along regarding the quality of their PhD work not because it was bad work, but in order to keep their tuition money flowing for as long as possible.

And keep in mind that this is just a very small sample of the legal troubles Capella University has found itself embroiled in. If you do a quick Google search, you might find that Capella University and the word “lawsuit” go hand in hand.

Jan 29 2019

Create Shortcut to Open a URL with Non-Default Browser

Create a shortcut to the browser you would like to use. Do this by:

  1. Click Start
  2. Click Programs
  3. Click-and-drag Internet Explorer or Firefox etc to your desktop
  4. Right-click the new shortcut and select Properties
  5. On the Shortcut tab, click the Target field and move the cursor to the end of all the text
  6. Mine was Firefox with this in the target field-> C:\Users\JT\Documents\FirefoxPortable\FirefoxPortable.exe
  7. Enter a single space and then enter your URL
  8. This article would be: …\FirefoxPortable.exe
  9. Click Apply
  10. Click the General tab
  11. In the text field at the top, give your shortcut an appropriate name
  12. Click OK

Jan 26 2019

Fix WordPress 5 Publishing Failed Issue

After updating to WordPress 5 I could no longer publish and was seeing this:

I logged into the WordPress Dashboard and went to Setting-> Permalinks. Mine were set to “Plain” and I switched it to “Post Name” to fix. I am unsure if the setting was set to “Plain” for previous updates. I did not dig into why this happened, just needed a quick fix.

Feb 1 2018

Duplex Printing is Disabled in Windows 10 Now