WordPress media upload error – Unable to create directory uploads

If you get this error when trying to upload media it is likely folder permission are not set to 755 or for me it was the wrong path was in WordPress after a recent upgrade. The permissions will require you to log into Cpanel or whatever you use to mange your hosting, then change permissions and ensure it applies to sub folders too.

The answer for me was before version 3.5 was to login to WordPress as admin, in the left side go to SETTINGS then MEDIA. There is an area that states “store uploads in this folder.” I had to change this to wp-content/uploads instead of the long path name that was present.

They have removed it from the admin area for some reason. Now you will need to either use a plugin or make changes to wp-config.php file. Otherwise they will likely be stored in this structure by default: /wp-content/uploads/year/month

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