Nov 8 2020

“Racism” in 2020

Article by E. K Haley, copyright 2020

Oddly enough this article’s reception will be based heavily on your political affiliation or skin identity. It will also be affected by where you get your information, especially regarding the misnomer “racism.” The majority of “news outlets,” Hollywood, and now even big corporations, have the same agenda these days, primarily to push their guided rhetoric and biased viewpoints as news or source information. Even though this is an opinion piece, it will have as many reputable source citations as can be tracked down.

Ill need to start with expanding on the first paragraph and then building some foundational support for the article. First, I call the word “racism” a misnomer because although we are all part of the same and only human race, there are many ethnicities in the human race. It seems more accurate to discuss the root problem as ethnic discrimination versus the word “racism.” I will still used the word “racism” at times because so many people have come to use it incorrectly, it at least gets the meaning across to them. The origin of the word “racism” is all over the board when researched, but I would have to agree with Webster in that it is a recent creation: “no citations currently known would suggest the word was in use prior to the early 20th century.”

Second, I will need to attempt to disclose my ethnicity as well. I say attempt because in our current cold civil war and political correctness environment, my ethnicity acceptance probably depends on your own ethnic biases as well as political affiliation. The easiest way to dismiss this article, or any inconvenient facts, is to slap a label on it that has been demonized by anti-American radicals. So if your own label is a Leftist/Liberal/Democrat/Communist/Socialists (LDCS), you will want to identify my skin color and belief systems first in order to classify them as the belief system of your enemy or your own. I will make this part easy so if needed, you can quickly dismiss this information then get back to your echo chamber of hate, divisiveness, misinformation, and ethnic discrimination. In classic liberal ideology a person can self identify as anything from a dog, to a unicorn, or to the opposite biological sex with zero DNA proof. This self identification is only allowed for the LDCS who want special treatment. However, even some hard core LDCS people such as Elizabeth Warren are not allowed to pull that off. She actually has some trace native American DNA and was not allowed to get away with fully identifying as Cherokee. This native American subject brings up a whole new special interest group that needs addressing. That will have to wait for its own article. Basically there are no rules for identification except whatever the mob mentality of the LDCS allows you to get away with.

Like Warren, I have native American DNA verified though a DNA test. I also have African, English, German, Irish, Scandinavian, and some others. I should be able to identify as any one of these since I have court accepted DNA proof of those ethnicities in me. Unfortunately my skin appears to be white and I do not fall into any other LDCS deviant or protected categories. This means that the textbook definition of prejudice will be used and the “white” label will be assigned to me by those with the LDCS mentality. This label assures LDCS can now safely attack in any way they want to ensure my silence, compliance, and proper lower tier placement in the ethnic hierarchy.

Most LDCS people will have closed this article at this point now that they heard they can identify me as “white.” For anyone that is not LDCS, lets move on to tactics . Physical assaults are common by LDCS and even the go-to tactic in recent years by hate groups like Antifa or Black Lives Matters. Hayden Williams explains this LDCS mentality perfectly: “Conservative students across the country have suffered verbal and physical assault, social ostracism and even academic persecution for voicing their opinions on political topics. This is because young liberals believe that they are on the morally righteous side in a culture war and, in order to win, they must silence any form of dissent.”

Once the label of “white” is assigned, the LDCS crowd can now simply dismiss any argument you make or any data you present. “White privilege” can now be assigned to any LDCS opposition accomplishments or opinions, which their acolytes and ignorant followers eagerly consume. Another acceptable tactic is ridicule, like adding the “phobe” suffix to anything LDCS wants to normalize and push upon everyone else, such as “homophobe.” LDCS will also use some variation of words or catchy phrases meant to ridicule their opposition and catch on with their ignorant followers. “White privilege,” “check your privilege,” “diversity,” “inclusion” and “Black Lives Matter” are good examples. Add these ridiculous terms to the daily propaganda intake via “news networks,” Hollywood, apps, and corporate interjection to legitimize the LDCS actions, arguments, or words and you have divided a country with the minority LDCS beliefs bulldozing over everyone elses. One frightening realization is these actions coincidentally follow the Rules for Radicals ideology to the letter. The LDCS have used these rules by Saul Alinsky with some success. The rules themselves can be useful to both LDCS or conservatives. Conservatives and other Constitutionalists need to know their enemy and can use some of the rules themselves. LDCS members such as Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Hilary Clinton been obviously influenced by these rules. The problem with these rules are that some take a thug like approach to winning. For example; Rule 5 is ridicule and is a very popular one with LDCS.

All the catchy words and phrases mentioned earlier either do not have any legitimate data to support them or similar to fake news, they may contain a shred of truth mixed with mostly false information or just plain misinterpretation. Some idiotic examples are “white privilege” and “check your privilege.” White privilege doesn’t exist and hasn’t since segregation was terminated. The mere use of these terms is proof of open prejudice against people with white skin and in particular, white skinned males. Like most liberals, these prejudiced individuals accuse others of what they themselves are doing. In this case it is assumed because you appear to be white, you can be placed in the “white” group which LDCS has permanently judged, now and forever, as “racist” against only people with black skin. LDCS uses prejudice in its purest form against white people. This asinine belief in white privilege allows LDCS to diminish anything I or any “white” person have worked hard for. It also gives rise to the belief that everyone except white skinned people are owed something. Further, it diminishes accomplishments of non-white skinned people through the institution of discriminatory laws like “affirmative action” or acceptance of open discrimination against all white skinned people because “they deserve it” for being white. Open acceptance of hateful anti-white groups is common place in the work today. Imagine the angry LDCS reaction if you replace the word black with the word white for some of these discrimination groups like Black Lives Matter, Black Caucus, Black Entertainment Channel, or Black History Month.

Affirmative action, diversity, and inclusion are some of the most discriminatory and hateful actions LDCS has been allowed to get away with. Affirmative action is a euphemism for “non-whites to the front of the line.” Diversity and inclusion are expansions of the affirmative action bigotry by not only saying “LGBT and non-whites” to the front of the line, but the inclusion part forces everyone to treat deviant behavior, like LGBT, as normal. Under threat of firing, beliefs or opinion on this matter will not be discussed and suppressed at all costs. LGBT is a micro-fraction of the population, but through propaganda outlets mentioned earlier, they are magnified and given the appearance of having great numbers. By the way, this happens to be the Rules for Radicals Rule #1: “Power is not only what you have, but what an opponent thinks you have. If your organization is small, hide your numbers in the dark and raise a din that will make everyone think you have many more people than you do.

No one is saying to physically attack an LGBT person like the LDCS do to someone with a dissenting opinion. We can work with people like this, but you shouldn’t get a free pass to the front of the employment line or promotion line. Unfortunately it happens every day, especially in government positions. Non-deviant people shouldn’t be scared to voice their opinion about their beliefs. One comment, perceived to be hostile towards LGBT or if an LGBT person gets triggered over something, will cause a white person to likely lose their job over this. Primarily because the LGBT person is assumed to be in the right for every scenario and normal people, especially white skinned males, will always be assumed guilty until proven innocent. Affirmative action also hurts those non-white people who actually deserved to be hired or deserved a promotion based on their skill set, not their skin color. While affirmative action is in place, most people must rightly assume they were given the job or promotion based on their non-white skin color.

The entire basis for Black Lives Matter (BLM) group is; if you are white skinned you are “racist.” Black on black violence rates are ignored, high single parent households for black Americans are ignored, and the propaganda outlets, using Radical Rule #1, hand select any rare police incident to hyper inflate it to appear as a gigantic problem. The propaganda outlets purposely seek out the minute fraction of excessive force police incidents where the officer appeared white and the criminal appeared black. Then they add gasoline, fake news, false perspectives, and most importantly: NEVER wait to hear the full story. The angry mobs they inspire loot and pillage. This tactic works because the perceived bad guy has already been tried, prosecuted, and hung by the media.

BLM is just one militant arm of the black privilege agenda. Black panthers was another violent arm but arguably without the same success as BLM. BLM has been able to get prejudiced blacks and ignorant whites to join their ethnic reversals from the 1600s slavery years of the United States, where whites are now the persecuted ones and non-whites (specifically black skin people) have super rights which override everyone else’s and even override the law in many cases. Although there shouldn’t be any privilege for any ethnicity, one self help book admits black privilege exists and tells readers to take advantage of it. Anti-white sentiment is so rampant in the United States it helped O.J. Simpson get away with murder. Most “black” Americans were happy to see him get away with murder because of perceived prejudices by police, a portrayal perpetrated mostly by the leftist propaganda outlets. Despite extensive propaganda to the contrary, most “whites” felt he was guilty, not based on his skin color, but his actions and evidence. In 1969 Simpson himself told the New York Times his best accomplishment was that “people looked at me like a man, not a black man.” This was and is still true. I liked Mr. Simpson as an athlete and also seeing him commercials making even more money. My belief of his guilt has and still his based off only the evidence I saw. This divide between white and black Americans over Simpson is a great example of the ethnic superiority felt by many black Americans who fight for unearned assets at any cost, including never having to face the consequences of anything, even murder.

Corporations, usually run by leftist democrats, are also getting in on this ethnic superiority issue supporting and funding BLM. Like communists (aka liberal democrats) they accuse others of what they are doing themselves. Discrimination is the best example. They disguise this with catchy words or phrases such as “affirmative action.” In simple terms this is an ethnic superiority tool to entice hiring and positioning of even the most inept non-whites. They get to go to the front of the line over more qualified candidates with white skin and obtain positions which often hold power or influence. Other examples of black privilege are the “black caucus,” which is a group of Congressmen that abuse the law making function of our legislative branches to concoct new ways to ensure only black skinned people have superior privileges and super rights. There is also Black Entertainment Channel, black history month, and many others, the list is extensive. Just these few areas are enough to have created massive black privilege. The ignorant mentality that someone with one skin color is better than another and is “owed” something is growing.

Identifying LDCS superiority is simple. One easy way to identify supremacists is their use of a prefix such as “African American.” Most other people don’t add their ethnicity to exert the perception that this title deserves special privileges or is superior in some way. I actually have a small amount of African, but I don’t run around telling everyone I’m English, Irish, German, Native American, African American. I’m American and nothing else. My thought is your are an American and you’re either with us or against us. If anyone went around telling others they were “European or White American” there would outrage by the people who do the exact same thing with their preferred prefix while claiming white privilege.

The LDCS will of course try to follow the radical rules of ridicule and claim white privilege exists. They will compare apples to oranges in an attempt to prove their point. The flaw in there logic is that everything in their world is anchored to all whites being racist and the assumption that any black shortcoming, uneven distribution curve, incarceration numbers, or dozens of other statistics are all rooted in skin color as the cause. In the world of LDCS, ethnic disparity proves discrimination. Using their logic, many professional athletic associations are discriminatory as they are predominantly black. This is of course non-sense. Many factors play into professional athletic numbers, but ethnicity is not one of them. The same goes for wealth statistics, criminal convictions, school suspensions, job numbers, and all other LDCS comparisons. I am not saying discrimination doesn’t exist against someone with black skin or any skin color, but I am saying it is a rare exception in the United States. We are all subject to discrimination based on skin color, political affiliation, sexual orientation, etc. and someone with black skin does not have the market cornered in this.

So what are the real reasons for most, if not all of these disparities between skin colors? It is the fact so many people use skin color for comparing Americans. Politics, crime statistic, organizational makeup, and dozens of others use color to divide us and turn us against one another. If we stop focusing on our skin color or assigning privileges to certain skin colors and focus on the real causes of any issue, ethnic prejudice would be reduced to a minimum in the United States.

Jun 6 2020

Cloth Masks DO NOT work on a virus!!

The blind compliance of many Americans and others in the world is astounding. A virus has come along, as many others have in the past, but we collectively reacted to this one in a totally different manner than before. In fact, we overreacted so badly we destroyed what was likely the best economy the world has ever seen. Certainly the best since post World War II. In short, nearly everything we did regarding the virus was a panic reaction to what the propaganda sites such as Communist News Network (CNN) and other socialist tools feed to us. The ignorant masses were fed catchy lines such as “flattening the curve” and “do your part, stay six feet apart.” The final actions taken, with no corroborative data, were the insistence on wearing masks (were talking plain cloth masks used by 99% of the people wearing masks). Cloth masks DO NOT work to prevent the spread of any virus. The droplets are too small and its like building a fence to keep the mosquitoes out. Yet governments forced businesses and many individuals to wear these useless placebos.

The six feet rule is another arbitrary number meant to make the ignorant feel “safe” about a virus that has an extremely high survival rate anyway. Arbitrary may be harsh, but its certainly a number that is not clearly proven. The useless World Health Organization actually says three feet which is based off an actual study from 1934, but the six feet rule does not have good data to support that number. There is newer information stating that pathogen size droplets (about 5 to 10 micrometers in size) can travel as much as 27 feet. So those same pathogen size droplets shoot right through the majority of masks people around the world are wearing and they likely go much further than the distance everyone has been told they magically stop at.

What’s the bottom line? This new virus appears to have an overall survival rate of 99.34%, yet we overreacted in so many ways and destroyed a great economy. America and most of the world listened to China, who can’t be trusted. They also listened to the propaganda outlets who can’t be trusted either. The outlets pretend to provide news by spewing their propaganda mixed with some minute ratio of truth. In hindsight, only Sweden had the intelligence and restraint to properly analyze the threat and take appropriate action. When the next new virus hits, hopefully we protect the elderly and others with immune issues, but do not institute a salvo of unsupported actions like masks, social distancing, and other useless actions. We can also only hope that all the governors and mayors that looked at this virus as a chance to flex their dictatorial muscles, are sued into poverty for their actions. The radical Kentucky governor went as far as trying to stop church service and interstate travel. These are god given liberties codified in the United States Constitution as well as many state constitutions as well. Despite this many politicians assumed they could override everyone rights using an excuse like “public safety.” Just as frighting are the police and other officials who willingly break their oaths to the constitution and the citizens they serve just because some lawyer or politician assured them it was legal. I refer to these people as “oath breakers.” All of this is frighting and worrisome to see. Government officials and their minions exceeding their authority with no repercussions will only encourage these actions in the future. Only time will tell if the corrupt government officials win the day or if the people of the United States do.

Aug 8 2019

No New Gun Laws!

Every time a crazy person kills another person with a gun, the anti-American left capitalize on these tragedies to further their agenda for removing the rights of law-abiding citizens. The right to bear arms is a God-given right and is codified in both the US Constitution and several state Constitutions.

If these anti-American socialists were truly worried about the deaths of Americans, using their logic, they would be going after alcohol drinkers for all the deaths each year caused by drinking, going after the auto manufacturers for all the deaths caused by vehicles, or all the hospitals for accidental deaths.

Basically blaming an object over the person responsible so they can push their hateful agenda.

The fact is, according to FBI statistics, more people are killed each year with hammers and fists than rifles. You wouldn’t know this by watching the propaganda outlets like CNN or MSLSD. If you get your “news” from them you probably also think your safer driving your car over flying. Obviously their true goal is to methodically disarm the American people through fear mongering and bullying.

Further, any new gun laws allowed are just the first steps in their disarmament fantasy. Red Flag laws will be abused if enacted. Leftists will be calling in tips on those that disagree with them or people they hate such as those that cherish their Second Amendment right.

Anything suggested by leftists and RINOs is just an insidious and cancerous first salvo against the one thing that distinguishes free people from slaves; the uninfringed right to bear arms. No Red Flags laws, no more gun laws, and no more liberal ideas of any kind PERIOD.

Lastly, it is interesting how a group of people who cheer at the legalization of killing children further and further into a pregnancy, refuses to build a wall to protect its citizens, and constantly attacks the rights of the legal American people, is suddenly concerned when, in most cases, one of their fellow liberals ignores or abuses the current laws to kill other Americans. Just another day in the life of the anti-American left.


E.K. Haley

Mar 20 2019

WordPress Site Address Reset

If you have changed your site address in the settings and possibly crashed your site, you can fix this in cPanel. It may be that you had a typo or perhaps an SSL that is not set up correctly. If you added “s” to the address like below, the site will crash if it is not set up correctly for SSL.

Site changed from http to https

To recover your site by fixing the above changes, log into your cPanel for the site. Once there, open “phpMyAdmin.” Open the database for your site. If there is more than one database you may have to go into each one until you find the one associated with the site you made changes to. Open the “wp_options” inside of that. You should see the “siteurl” and can change it back by choosing to edit it. Save and it should be back online.

Mar 15 2019

Capella University Lawsuit

Capella is not the only one doing this, but they are the latest to get slapped with a lawsuit from students standing up to this bait-and-switch style degree fee. It is alleged that Capella University lied about time and the cost of advanced degrees. Basically they tell you it will be 3 years for your doctorate or PhD. Even if they tell students it will be approximately 3 years, most will get well over that estimate. Each extra term costs the student somewhere between $4200 and $5000 depending on the discount given.

The doctorate degree will require a dissertation and that is the grey area used to keep extending the students time. The student will write chapters 1 through 3 and get a final approval from their mentor and 2 other instructors just to have it shot down over and over again in the Scientific Merit Review (SMR). One would think that after several iterations and approval by 3 Capella staff who have terminal degrees, the paper would make it swiftly through SMR. This is usually not the case. Then the Instrument Review Board (IRB) can be very painful according to some students. Capella uses an antiquated system for IRB review and will often send the paper back for very minor issues (box not checked or typo). These items could quickly be fixed by just calling the student, but the school makes more money if it is kicked back. Once kicked back, it could take another week or more of the students time. This can happen more than once.

Here is the write up from another site:

The Capella University Lawsuits

Capella University has been hit by numerous lawsuits in recent years, which opens the school up to claims from people attempting to discharge their loans via the Borrower’s Defense to Repayment Program.

The lawsuits make Capella uniquely eligible for BDAR Discharges because they include accusations that the school violated Federal laws and committed fraud against potential students, which is exactly what the Federal Government is required to receive a Borrower’s Defense Discharge.

None of the lawsuits are good news for Capella, but the worst is probably the one brought against them by a police pension fund that claimed Capella used “abusive and fraudulent recruiting and financial aid lending practices” in order to increase both their revenue and the price of their stock.

However, the police union isn’t the only group going after the school in court, as other former students have claimed that Capella strung them along regarding the quality of their PhD work not because it was bad work, but in order to keep their tuition money flowing for as long as possible.

And keep in mind that this is just a very small sample of the legal troubles Capella University has found itself embroiled in. If you do a quick Google search, you might find that Capella University and the word “lawsuit” go hand in hand.

Jan 26 2019

Fix WordPress 5 Publishing Failed Issue

After updating to WordPress 5 I could no longer publish and was seeing this:

I logged into the WordPress Dashboard and went to Setting-> Permalinks. Mine were set to “Plain” and I switched it to “Post Name” to fix. I am unsure if the setting was set to “Plain” for previous updates. I did not dig into why this happened, just needed a quick fix.