Sep 5 2019

No More Gun Laws

The horrors of the recent school shootings are continuing proof that the 1995 “Gun-Free” School Zones Act is an absolute failure. It has spilled our children’s blood.

· Mass GFZ shootings have increased 370% since the GFSZA was implemented.

· Adam Lanza (school shooter) violated 41 separate laws during his shooting spree, yet Connecticut is in the top 5 of the states with strictest gun laws.

· Chicago, the city with the strictest gun laws in the nation, racked up a whopping 561 murders in 2018 and 330 so far in 2019 – more than military deaths in Afghanistan.

More gun control is not the answer. To the contrary, it is proof that it is time to repeal the “Victim Zones” created by the GFSZA. Any further support of GFSZA is a criminal act.

Anti-gun organizations and morally corrupt politicians are seizing on the opportunity to push for more gun control and trample our constitutional rights.

Businesses like Walmart and Kroger, led by corrupt anti-gun liberals, are pushing their agenda on the citizens as well. In reality, this push is about controlling “We The People”, not controlling guns.

Governments have been responsible for at least 170 million civilian deaths in the 20th century. It always starts with gun registration and control. Do not advance this hellish legacy.

Do NOT allow more gun control. Honor your Oath of Office. Make NO compromises.

Evil always exists – it can only be vanquished with force and vigilance.

Evil cannot be “legislated” away.

I urge you to do three things:

One – Oppose ANY new gun restrictions, in any degree or form. Make all gun restrictions DOA. Shut down all HR bills that attempt any form of control, especially the Red Flag laws that will only hurt law abiding Americans. Do NOT allow anti-gun congressman to change the gun laws again. Enforce what we have.

Two – Repeal ALL CURRENT Unconstitutional “laws” which infringe on our rights to bear arms. That includes companies like Walmart that trample on citizens rights like open carry. Will they tell us we can speak freely in their store next? Repeal ineffective, murder-enabling “laws”. Remove the Victim Zones.

Three – Introduce or co-sponsor favorable supporting Second Amendment legislation to reinforce the permanence and constitutionality of the Second Amendment.

My community, family, friends and myself will be watching your actions, and will vote, donate and campaign accordingly.

Aug 8 2019

No New Gun Laws!

Every time a crazy person kills another person with a gun, the anti-American left capitalize on these tragedies to further their agenda for removing the rights of law-abiding citizens. The right to bear arms is a God-given right and is codified in both the US Constitution and several state Constitutions.

If these anti-American socialists were truly worried about the deaths of Americans, using their logic, they would be going after alcohol drinkers for all the deaths each year caused by drinking, going after the auto manufacturers for all the deaths caused by vehicles, or all the hospitals for accidental deaths.

Basically blaming an object over the person responsible so they can push their hateful agenda.

The fact is, according to FBI statistics, more people are killed each year with hammers and fists than rifles. You wouldn’t know this by watching the propaganda outlets like CNN or MSLSD. If you get your “news” from them you probably also think your safer driving your car over flying. Obviously their true goal is to methodically disarm the American people through fear mongering and bullying.

Further, any new gun laws allowed are just the first steps in their disarmament fantasy. Red Flag laws will be abused if enacted. Leftists will be calling in tips on those that disagree with them or people they hate such as those that cherish their Second Amendment right.

Anything suggested by leftists and RINOs is just an insidious and cancerous first salvo against the one thing that distinguishes free people from slaves; the uninfringed right to bear arms. No Red Flags laws, no more gun laws, and no more liberal ideas of any kind PERIOD.

Lastly, it is interesting how a group of people who cheer at the legalization of killing children further and further into a pregnancy, refuses to build a wall to protect its citizens, and constantly attacks the rights of the legal American people, is suddenly concerned when, in most cases, one of their fellow liberals ignores or abuses the current laws to kill other Americans. Just another day in the life of the anti-American left.


E.K. Haley