Sep 5 2019

No More Gun Laws

The horrors of the recent school shootings are continuing proof that the 1995 “Gun-Free” School Zones Act is an absolute failure. It has spilled our children’s blood.

· Mass GFZ shootings have increased 370% since the GFSZA was implemented.

· Adam Lanza (school shooter) violated 41 separate laws during his shooting spree, yet Connecticut is in the top 5 of the states with strictest gun laws.

· Chicago, the city with the strictest gun laws in the nation, racked up a whopping 561 murders in 2018 and 330 so far in 2019 – more than military deaths in Afghanistan.

More gun control is not the answer. To the contrary, it is proof that it is time to repeal the “Victim Zones” created by the GFSZA. Any further support of GFSZA is a criminal act.

Anti-gun organizations and morally corrupt politicians are seizing on the opportunity to push for more gun control and trample our constitutional rights.

Businesses like Walmart and Kroger, led by corrupt anti-gun liberals, are pushing their agenda on the citizens as well. In reality, this push is about controlling “We The People”, not controlling guns.

Governments have been responsible for at least 170 million civilian deaths in the 20th century. It always starts with gun registration and control. Do not advance this hellish legacy.

Do NOT allow more gun control. Honor your Oath of Office. Make NO compromises.

Evil always exists – it can only be vanquished with force and vigilance.

Evil cannot be “legislated” away.

I urge you to do three things:

One – Oppose ANY new gun restrictions, in any degree or form. Make all gun restrictions DOA. Shut down all HR bills that attempt any form of control, especially the Red Flag laws that will only hurt law abiding Americans. Do NOT allow anti-gun congressman to change the gun laws again. Enforce what we have.

Two – Repeal ALL CURRENT Unconstitutional “laws” which infringe on our rights to bear arms. That includes companies like Walmart that trample on citizens rights like open carry. Will they tell us we can speak freely in their store next? Repeal ineffective, murder-enabling “laws”. Remove the Victim Zones.

Three – Introduce or co-sponsor favorable supporting Second Amendment legislation to reinforce the permanence and constitutionality of the Second Amendment.

My community, family, friends and myself will be watching your actions, and will vote, donate and campaign accordingly.

Sep 3 2019

2nd Amendment Memes

Sep 2 2013

Hussein Trying To Kill The Civilian Marksmanship Program

Obama’s New Executive Order Will Kill 110 Year-Old Civilian Marksmanship Program

Heather Ginsberg | Aug 31, 2013

Heather Ginsberg

Thursday I wrote about how President Obama announced two new executive orders concerning guns and attempting to cut down on gun violence. Through one of these actions, the administration attempts to “ban almost all re-imports of military surplus firearms to private entities”. But what many may not realize, is with this executive action, President Obama is effectively shutting down the 110-year-old Civilian Marksmanship Program.

This order is trying to “keep military-grade firearms off our streets”. How many military-grade weapons do you see on the streets?

The CMP tightly controls the distribution of obsolete military weapons. The program was created by the U.S. Congress as part of the 1903 War Department Appropriations Act with the purpose of allowing civilians to hone their marksmanship skills, should they later be called into military service.

Participants receiving firearms through the CMP must comply with all state and federal firearm laws and undergo a background check conducted by a dealer holding a Federal Firearms License in order to receive the gun.

Additionally, they must also be a member of a CMP affiliated shooting club, making participating in the program more difficult than anyone trying to purchase a firearm through usual retail channels. Continue reading

Jul 10 2012

NRA Delivers Remarks at United Nations Concerning Proposed Arms Trade Treaty

Statement of the National Rifle Association of America

Mr. Chairman, thank you for this brief opportunity to address the committee. I am Wayne

LaPierre and for 20 years now, I have served as Executive Vice President of the National Rifle

Association of America.

The NRA was founded in 1871, and ever since has staunchly defended the rights of its 4 million

members, America’s 80 million law-abiding gun owners, and freedom-loving Americans

throughout our country. In 1996, the NRA was recognized as an NGO of the United Nations

and, ever since then, has defended the constitutional freedom of Americans in this arena. The

NRA is the largest and most active firearms rights organization in the world and, although some

members of this committee may not like what I have to say, I am proud to defend the tens of

millions of lawful people NRA represents.

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Aug 16 2010

Gun Laws Can’t Disarm Negligent Parenting

By Michael Graham  |   Thursday, August 12, 2010  |


Photo by Angela Rowlings (File)

Mayor Menino, who are you going to blame now?

When 8-year-old Liquarry Jefferson was shot and killed by his 7-year-old cousin, Mayor Tom Menino went to their Dorchester home and “offered support to both families,” as he told the press.

And why wouldn’t he? He certainly didn’t think it was the mother’s fault that the two boys and Liquarry’s 2-year-old half-sister were upstairs playing with a pistol – unattended – at 11 p.m.

Instead, Menino claimed the National Rifle Association was partially to blame. “Why is that gun in the house?” Menino asked. Because the NRA opposed tougher gun control laws, that’s why, he concluded.

Fast forward three years after that terrible accident. Liquarry’s mom, Lakeisha Gadson, was on trial for violating some of the gun control laws that the NRA somehow let slip through the legislative process. Gadson was charged with unlawful possession of a gun and the improper storage of same, as well as the charges of child endangerment and involuntary manslaughter.

Charged – and acquitted. The jury exonerated Gadson of any responsibility for the death of her son. (She was convicted only of misleading the police after the fact, by lying about the circumstances of the shooting).

So now what?

You wanted gun laws, Mayor Menino? You got ’em. An illegal gun was in the house. The gun was brought there by a teenager already busted for illegal gun possession. A gun was left out for little kids to play with. A mom was in the house with no idea what the kids are up to. One kid ends up dead.

You hardly need the cast of CSI-Dorchester to find the crimes here.

And to the Suffolk district attorney’s credit, they brought the case to trial. Yes, it’s true that Gadson suffered a tragic loss in the death of her son. It’s also true that his death would never have happened without her negligent – in my opinion, criminally negligent – behavior. Justice demands that she be held accountable.

Unfortunately, the job of holding her accountable was left to “a jury of her peers.” And now Gadson will go unpunished.

I’ve heard a lot of apologists for Gadson in the past 24 hours defending her by claiming the prosecutor never proved she knew her gun-toting teen brought the pistol into the house. But imagine your son had been busted for gun possession. Would he be able to get away with casually leaving another illegal gun in his underwear drawer at your house? Or would you be digging through his stuff every day to keep him in line?

It’s not the NRA’s fault that Lakeisha Gadson refused to do her most basic duties as a mom. No amount of gun control laws can change the child-endangering circumstances inside that crime scene of a home, with a mom with a record and five kids from four different fathers, all of whom were in prison at the time.

And if Suffolk County juries let defendants like Gadson walk, what possible difference can new laws make?

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Jun 29 2010

Supreme Court-2nd Amendment Victory-MCDONALD ET AL. v. CITY OF CHICAGO, ILLINOIS

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

This should have been a no-brainer that WE THE PEOPLE have a RIGHT to bear arms.  It really was a no-brainer until the last 3 decades or so.  People have had decreasing amounts of brain capacity and common sense when it comes to the Second Amendment and politics in general.  This is easy to see just by noticing almost half of America doesn’t even bother to vote in one of the most meaningful elections in the last 60 years and probably the next 60 years.  Because of that, we now have an idiot socialist for President and a majority of idiots controlling congress.  We will also get another left wing radical judge shoved down our throats because of the growing ignorance of America.  What really scary about this ruling is how close it was.  The radicals have succeeded in getting a near majority in the highest court in the country.  VERY scary.  Lets hope we take back Washington in the fall and in 2012.  We will need to repeal some socialist laws that were past and with luck, a liberal Supreme Court idiot will die off or quit while a patriot is in office, unlike now.

OK, on to the ruling.  The most important part is below.  Read the actual ruling if you want all their citings or want to read the dissenting idiots  views (again, very scary).

“Two years ago, in District of Columbia v. Heller, 554

U. S. ___ (2008), we held that the Second Amendment protects the right to keep and bear arms for the purpose of self-defense, and we struck down a District of Columbia law that banned the possession of handguns in the home.The city of Chicago (City) and the village of Oak Park, a Chicago suburb, have laws that are similar to the District of Columbia’s, but Chicago and Oak Park argue that their laws are constitutional because the Second Amendment has no application to the States. We have previously held that most of the provisions of the Bill of Rights apply with full force to both the Federal Government and the States. Applying the standard that is well established in our caselaw, we hold that the Second Amendment right is fully applicable to the States.”