Sep 26 2019

Liberal Hipocracy

Sep 21 2019

AOC Math

Sep 5 2019

No More Gun Laws

The horrors of the recent school shootings are continuing proof that the 1995 “Gun-Free” School Zones Act is an absolute failure. It has spilled our children’s blood.

· Mass GFZ shootings have increased 370% since the GFSZA was implemented.

· Adam Lanza (school shooter) violated 41 separate laws during his shooting spree, yet Connecticut is in the top 5 of the states with strictest gun laws.

· Chicago, the city with the strictest gun laws in the nation, racked up a whopping 561 murders in 2018 and 330 so far in 2019 – more than military deaths in Afghanistan.

More gun control is not the answer. To the contrary, it is proof that it is time to repeal the “Victim Zones” created by the GFSZA. Any further support of GFSZA is a criminal act.

Anti-gun organizations and morally corrupt politicians are seizing on the opportunity to push for more gun control and trample our constitutional rights.

Businesses like Walmart and Kroger, led by corrupt anti-gun liberals, are pushing their agenda on the citizens as well. In reality, this push is about controlling “We The People”, not controlling guns.

Governments have been responsible for at least 170 million civilian deaths in the 20th century. It always starts with gun registration and control. Do not advance this hellish legacy.

Do NOT allow more gun control. Honor your Oath of Office. Make NO compromises.

Evil always exists – it can only be vanquished with force and vigilance.

Evil cannot be “legislated” away.

I urge you to do three things:

One – Oppose ANY new gun restrictions, in any degree or form. Make all gun restrictions DOA. Shut down all HR bills that attempt any form of control, especially the Red Flag laws that will only hurt law abiding Americans. Do NOT allow anti-gun congressman to change the gun laws again. Enforce what we have.

Two – Repeal ALL CURRENT Unconstitutional “laws” which infringe on our rights to bear arms. That includes companies like Walmart that trample on citizens rights like open carry. Will they tell us we can speak freely in their store next? Repeal ineffective, murder-enabling “laws”. Remove the Victim Zones.

Three – Introduce or co-sponsor favorable supporting Second Amendment legislation to reinforce the permanence and constitutionality of the Second Amendment.

My community, family, friends and myself will be watching your actions, and will vote, donate and campaign accordingly.

Sep 3 2019

2nd Amendment Memes

Aug 25 2019

Mr Handicap Man

Aug 22 2019

The Cancerous Homosexual Agenda

The existence of deviant behaviors in society have been around for a very long time. However, the normalization of some behaviors by practitioners of the deviant behavior and their allies has never been more prevalent.

Pedophiles have tried for years to lower the age of adulthood and even created pedophile organizations such as North American Man/Boy Love Association(NAMBLA). Pedophiles have pushed for the age to be as low as 6 months old under the claim they can consent at this age and the pedophile can’t help how he feels, even self identifying as an infant.

This hasn’t worked well yet, but the homosexual lobbyists have been able to use the same tactics successfully to create an Overton Window shift, creating a moral shift that views homosexuality as “normal.” Although most of America has never cared what deviant behaviors homosexuals performed behind closed doors, they and their propagandists have taken their agenda so far that these deviant behaviors have now been forced down the throats of everyone in America. Even convincing the left slanted Supreme Court to permanently force it upon us through the law.

The homosexual agenda has Hollywood, propaganda outlets like CNN or MSLSD, and authors to indoctrinate the populace, especially the young.

Here are some books and shows to avoid if you would like to boycott their agenda. To start, Rick Riordan has an excellent book series for kids and adults. Excellent until even he felt the pressure to help indoctrinate children into accepting homosexuality as normal and something that should be embraced, not just tolerated.

His books are great except the “House of Hades” portion where two characters reveal they love men. My suggestion would be to remove that from the book or clip it from the audio book. It doesn’t really take much away from the story. The other option is to avoid that entire series. Here are the other books below. More will be added to this document and I have time.