Jun 6 2020

Cloth Masks DO NOT work on a virus!!

The blind compliance of many Americans and others in the world is astounding. A virus has come along, as many others have in the past, but we collectively reacted to this one in a totally different manner than before. In fact, we overreacted so badly we destroyed what was likely the best economy the world has ever seen. Certainly the best since post World War II. In short, nearly everything we did regarding the virus was a panic reaction to what the propaganda sites such as Communist News Network (CNN) and other socialist tools feed to us. The ignorant masses were fed catchy lines such as “flattening the curve” and “do your part, stay six feet apart.” The final actions taken, with no corroborative data, were the insistence on wearing masks (were talking plain cloth masks used by 99% of the people wearing masks). Cloth masks DO NOT work to prevent the spread of any virus. The droplets are too small and its like building a fence to keep the mosquitoes out. Yet governments forced businesses and many individuals to wear these useless placebos.

The six feet rule is another arbitrary number meant to make the ignorant feel “safe” about a virus that has an extremely high survival rate anyway. Arbitrary may be harsh, but its certainly a number that is not clearly proven. The useless World Health Organization actually says three feet which is based off an actual study from 1934, but the six feet rule does not have good data to support that number. There is newer information stating that pathogen size droplets (about 5 to 10 micrometers in size) can travel as much as 27 feet. So those same pathogen size droplets shoot right through the majority of masks people around the world are wearing and they likely go much further than the distance everyone has been told they magically stop at.

What’s the bottom line? This new virus appears to have an overall survival rate of 99.34%, yet we overreacted in so many ways and destroyed a great economy. America and most of the world listened to China, who can’t be trusted. They also listened to the propaganda outlets who can’t be trusted either. The outlets pretend to provide news by spewing their propaganda mixed with some minute ratio of truth. In hindsight, only Sweden had the intelligence and restraint to properly analyze the threat and take appropriate action. When the next new virus hits, hopefully we protect the elderly and others with immune issues, but do not institute a salvo of unsupported actions like masks, social distancing, and other useless actions. We can also only hope that all the governors and mayors that looked at this virus as a chance to flex their dictatorial muscles, are sued into poverty for their actions. The radical Kentucky governor went as far as trying to stop church service and interstate travel. These are god given liberties codified in the United States Constitution as well as many state constitutions as well. Despite this many politicians assumed they could override everyone rights using an excuse like “public safety.” Just as frighting are the police and other officials who willingly break their oaths to the constitution and the citizens they serve just because some lawyer or politician assured them it was legal. I refer to these people as “oath breakers.” All of this is frighting and worrisome to see. Government officials and their minions exceeding their authority with no repercussions will only encourage these actions in the future. Only time will tell if the corrupt government officials win the day or if the people of the United States do.