Aug 22 2019

The Cancerous Homosexual Agenda

The existence of deviant behaviors in society have been around for a very long time. However, the normalization of some behaviors by practitioners of the deviant behavior and their allies has never been more prevalent.

Pedophiles have tried for years to lower the age of adulthood and even created pedophile organizations such as North American Man/Boy Love Association(NAMBLA). Pedophiles have pushed for the age to be as low as 6 months old under the claim they can consent at this age and the pedophile can’t help how he feels, even self identifying as an infant.

This hasn’t worked well yet, but the homosexual lobbyists have been able to use the same tactics successfully to create an Overton Window shift, creating a moral shift that views homosexuality as “normal.” Although most of America has never cared what deviant behaviors homosexuals performed behind closed doors, they and their propagandists have taken their agenda so far that these deviant behaviors have now been forced down the throats of everyone in America. Even convincing the left slanted Supreme Court to permanently force it upon us through the law.

The homosexual agenda has Hollywood, propaganda outlets like CNN or MSLSD, and authors to indoctrinate the populace, especially the young.

Here are some books and shows to avoid if you would like to boycott their agenda. To start, Rick Riordan has an excellent book series for kids and adults. Excellent until even he felt the pressure to help indoctrinate children into accepting homosexuality as normal and something that should be embraced, not just tolerated.

His books are great except the “House of Hades” portion where two characters reveal they love men. My suggestion would be to remove that from the book or clip it from the audio book. It doesn’t really take much away from the story. The other option is to avoid that entire series. Here are the other books below. More will be added to this document and I have time.

Aug 11 2019

Impeachment Hype

Aug 8 2019

No New Gun Laws!

Every time a crazy person kills another person with a gun, the anti-American left capitalize on these tragedies to further their agenda for removing the rights of law-abiding citizens. The right to bear arms is a God-given right and is codified in both the US Constitution and several state Constitutions.

If these anti-American socialists were truly worried about the deaths of Americans, using their logic, they would be going after alcohol drinkers for all the deaths each year caused by drinking, going after the auto manufacturers for all the deaths caused by vehicles, or all the hospitals for accidental deaths.

Basically blaming an object over the person responsible so they can push their hateful agenda.

The fact is, according to FBI statistics, more people are killed each year with hammers and fists than rifles. You wouldn’t know this by watching the propaganda outlets like CNN or MSLSD. If you get your “news” from them you probably also think your safer driving your car over flying. Obviously their true goal is to methodically disarm the American people through fear mongering and bullying.

Further, any new gun laws allowed are just the first steps in their disarmament fantasy. Red Flag laws will be abused if enacted. Leftists will be calling in tips on those that disagree with them or people they hate such as those that cherish their Second Amendment right.

Anything suggested by leftists and RINOs is just an insidious and cancerous first salvo against the one thing that distinguishes free people from slaves; the uninfringed right to bear arms. No Red Flags laws, no more gun laws, and no more liberal ideas of any kind PERIOD.

Lastly, it is interesting how a group of people who cheer at the legalization of killing children further and further into a pregnancy, refuses to build a wall to protect its citizens, and constantly attacks the rights of the legal American people, is suddenly concerned when, in most cases, one of their fellow liberals ignores or abuses the current laws to kill other Americans. Just another day in the life of the anti-American left.


E.K. Haley

Aug 6 2019

Healthcare is NOT a right but bearing arms is

Aug 5 2019

New Democrat Logo

Aug 4 2019

The Jihad Squad